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It has become an essential part of every business to be online in every way possible. With all the different platforms and social media at all of our disposal, there is no reason not to use the resources the internet provides.

TRILANIT now offers the following services to promote customers online assets:

Website audit report:

Designed to give you a professional health check on your website covering design, web structure analysis, page and link errors, page title and meta description issues, backlinks analysis, URL Architecting, duplicate content analysis, in depth target keyword analysis and so much more! Proper research is required to have positive and sought after effects in the long term. Feedback from our website audit report will allow you to customise your marketing campaign.

Search marketing:

SEO can enhance the amount of traffic, leads and sales your business receives. SEO refers to search engine optimisation which is the process of attempting to improve your business rankings via your webpage on organic/unpaid search engines (google, yahoo, Bing). The goal of SEO is to increase your website’s visibility and generate frequent traffic.

Pay per click Search marketing:

Known as PPC, is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your website which you need for business, opportunity and growth. If you are wanting results fast with instant traffic and are targeting potential customers, online ads is one of the best options. These ads appear at certain times for a specific area and cause. If you want a high traffic volume coming to your website then PPC is just for you.

Social Media marketing:

Social media is often every potential client’s first point of references when looking for suppliers and customers which means that the likely hood of your client being on social media is almost definite. Social media optimisation is the process of creating publicity and awareness through the very many social media platforms available to us. It is to promote and inform of your product by creating awareness, branding and servicing. It also increases your level of engagement on a one-to-one level.