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A connected team is a more productive team
  • Dependable and Secure connection
  • Mobile Solutions for all businesses
  • Effortless to install and maintain Independent, yet Integrated, wireless solutions

TRILANIT supplies small to medium sized businesses with wireless networking solutions, which enable mobile, productive environments at a low cost of ownership.

A range of products that represent exceptional value across an ever increasing range of situations, TRILANIT wireless networks are simple to install and manage, extremely scalable, and delivering a secure and reliable connectivity, self-healing, solution.

Practical tips for a better wireless network:

  • Can you handle the 5 GHz band?
  • Consider your office space
  • Identify congestion
  • Develop an access point network
  • Monitor free Wi-Fi networks
  • Security is crucial
  • Adjust the networks

Top Tips for a faster Office wireless network

If your company experiences difficulties with its WiFi network, here is a guide with advice on getting a quicker, better, stable solution, that increases productivity.

Many businesses experience continuous uphill with slow wireless networks. high levels of disturbances and “dead spots” where the wifi signal is obstructed. TRILANIT has all the insight, knowledge, experience and equipment as well as tips so that you never have to worry about lack of connection again.

We understand that a consistent and speedy wifi connection will reach the entire office in our efforts to make sure you are able to focus on building and growing your business. Contact us today for all your IT and business solutions.

Call us now to discuss what YOU need! Our number is 0118-391-391-7.